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Welcome to Deuce Doubles

Bringing People Together Through Tennis

 At Deuce Doubles, we’re firm believers that tennis can unite and inspire which is why we’re on a mission to open the door and enhance your experience, both on and off the court, with high-end and designer tennis outfits.

Why Deuce Doubles?

Step onto the court with style and substance thanks to Deuce Doubles.


Browse our one-of-a-kind tennis skirts including the traditional pleated tennis skirt as well as contemporary designs, complete with back pockets to keep your tennis balls safe. Even better, you can play easy knowing that your fashion choices are doing good for the planet around you.


That’s because we’re committed to using high-end and recycled materials that mean you contribute to a better environment without compromising on how good you look. On the topic of that, with Deuce Doubles, we ensure you look good and feel even better—including during the toughest matches—as a result of carefully-chosen breathable fabrics.

Passion For Tennis

Created for women ages 18 and above, Deuces Doubles was born out of a deep love for tennis and a desire to bring people together through this incredible sport. As a boutique tennis brand, we stand for more than just tennis clothing. Our focus on the details is what sets us apart. Forget mass production, we’re all about creating high-quality pieces that reflect your personality and dedication, while enhancing your movement in each game.


Tennis, Talk, & Community

More than just a brand, we’re on a mission to create a community. A space where tennis enthusiasts can get together, share tips, and embrace the latest trends in tennis fashion. So come omn in, connect with like-minded individuals, on and off the court, and get ready to elevate your game with those who share your passion. 

Offers & Updates

Sign up to our newsletter for exclusive offers and insider updates. Plus, you’ll even get early access to the newest drops from Deuce Doubles. You see, we value our customers and the tennis community which is why we ensure that you’re always in the loop. Think of it as our way of saying thank you. 

Designer Tennis Attire For You

Our products transcend tennis clothes and high-end fashion. Instead, we want to offer an experience. One that’s welcoming and inspiring. So join us in celebrating the sport we all love and come together through tennis. Here, true style meets the court and every match is an opportunity to show off your true individuality. And don’t forget, from the tennis court to the Country Club, Deuce Doubles always has you covered.

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Deuce Doubles LLC is committed to supporting the global tennis community and helping others pursue their passions. We are firm believers in equal opportunity and know that, for countless players just like you, tennis is freedom.

We dedicate a percentage of our revenue to supporting charities and providing opportunities for the less fortunate to pursue the sport that they love. When you purchase our designs, you are not only embracing modern tennis fashion; you are part of something much bigger.

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Not satisfied with your purchase? Please tell us! Contact us within 30 days and we will take immediate steps to improve our store.

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